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Atelier des Arts
Set in the idyllic Languedoc region of France, with its incomparable natural beauty, a rich Occitan history steeped in cultural exchange and tolerance, Troubadours and medieval Castles, the Atelier des Arts is on top of a hill commanding a 360 degree view. The panorama includes the Montagne Noire and rolling fields of wheat and sunflowers to the south and east, the majestic Pyrenees to the west and an almost Tuscan landscape to the north, with forests, fields of corn and the medieval village of Puylaurens crowning the area, its church spire giving a final touch to the landscape.

It is a place that calls for Art as if one were in front of living images from the famous 13th Century book of minatures known as Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.

It is here, in the "pays de la Cocagne" (flower pulp from which Pastel blue was derived), between the great Town of Toulouse and the Cité Cathare of Carcassone, near the beautiful town of Albi and very close to Mazamet and Graulhet, places with a long standing tradition in the production of skins and leather, that Jorge Centofanti has just installed his Atelier des Arts, a place where artistic skills can be developed and perfected.

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