Alice Peyton Taylor - International Art Critic and Collector- Chicago:
"Jorge Centofanti understands the nature of skin and leather, its versatility and suppleness, and he exploits all its qualities to express his artistic concepts and visions. He creates moulds in sculpted wood (so successful in themselves that collectors buy them at the end of each series) from his own designs, and in his hands leather and skins become paste, pulp, clay, noble matter that takes the shape and ultimate form of his art.

Happily not only will Centofanti's new Atelier des Arts in the Occitane area of the South of France continue to produce this rare and beautiful art, but it will also provide a unique opportunity for guests to learn the new techniques. His short courses will explore a variety of artistic procedures and allow each participant to create their own unique designs and finished artwork. The spacious studio and spectacular setting, with magnificent veiws, will relax and inspire..."


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