Jorge Centofanti - A Personal Profile
Jorge Centofanti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1944. As a young journalist and art lover in his early twenties, he travelled through Venezuela, the United States of America, Italy and Spain. In 1968 he settled in Paris to train in leather art techniques at the workshops of Alberto Ozzimo, where he spent four years acquiring a vast technical experience and developing his artistic skills. In 1973 he moved to England with his wife Kristin and set up his own studio in London.

Encouraged by private patrons and by sponsorship from the Institute for Cultural Research, his investigations on the origins of the Guademeci Art (traced to the city of Cordoba in 800 A.C.) led to a collection of 12 leather wall hangings which were exhibited at the Federation of British Artists in London in 1977. Since then he has become the leading exponent of Guademeci Art and has had a number of one-man shows in New York and London and also participated in 25 UK and international group exhibitions.

He has designed murals for corporate boardrooms, calligraphic designs for luxury Hotels, hangings for Middle Eastern Palaces, book bindings for a Crown Prince and many individual commissions of his work have gone to private collectors in the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United States, Japan, Ireland, France, Hungary, Germany and Spain.

In 1992 he was commissioned to do a Coat of Arms by the City Council of Northampton, embossed and gilt on a natural russet hide, which was unveiled by HM Queen Elizabeth II. Three Museums include his work in their collection: The Coach Leather Museum in New York; The Museum of Leather in Northampton and the Walsall Leather Museum.

Now Jorge Centofanti has opened a new Studio in the beautiful Occitane area of the South of France where he continues to create murals and contemporary Art. In 2005 he will open the "Atelier des Arts" school which will provide guests and students with the opportunity to learn a multitude of techniques and create their own unique art pieces in an inspiring and relaxing rural setting.

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